End The Senseless Wars. 
End The
Reckless Spending. 
End The Failed War On Drugs.
Protect Our Personal Freedoms.

 Tell The TRUTH. 

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I'm Lincoln Chafee and I'm Running for President as a Libertarian

No More Endless WARS.

Our Government Lies To Send Us To War.

Lincoln Chafee Knows The Truth.

That's why he went against the old party line to vote NO on the Iraq War. 


That's why he wants to bring the troops home and end these senseless and counterproductive wars.

From the failed wars of aggression in the Middle East, to the failed War On Drugs at home, the truth is must end these immoral  and costly wars. 


No More Reckless Spending.

Our Government Lies About The Cost.

The Truth is, our spending is out of control. Sooner or later, the bill for the outrageous expenditures and waste of our bloated Federal budget will come due.


Lincoln Chafee wants to make sure that our children don't have to pay for the mistakes of the Democrats and Republicans. 


It Starts With Telling The Truth: We Must End Our Reckless Spending.  



The Truth.

Our Government Lies About Protecting Our Freedoms. 


It starts with telling the truth: Under both Republican and Democratic administrations, our federal government has made a habit of violating our Constitutional rights. 


Lincoln Chafee will end illegal warrantless surveillance, stand up for our personal freedoms, and defend our Bill Of Rights.

That's Leading With Truth. 



Thirty Years, Zero scandals.

Lincoln Chafee has served at all levels of government with integrity.

Mayor. Governor. Senator.



Lincoln Leads With Truth.

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Our Personal Freedoms.

"Being A Libertarian means I believe that YOU should be able to live YOUR life as YOU see fit, as long as you're not harming anyone else."



As Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee stood as a champion for the rights of all people, leading the fight for love, and signing Marriage Equality into law. As President, he will stand as a champion of our Constitutional Freedoms and defend the Bill of Rights. 

Break the

two party system.




All your freedoms.

All the time.

The Libertarian Party is the Party of Peace and Prosperity.

The Democrats and Republicans have failed us.


It's time to break the two war party system once and for all. 

Stand up for truth.

Standing up for truth isn't always popular. Lincoln Chafee knows that. 

He went against his own party to vote against an endless war. He had the foresight to fight against crooked cronyism in Rhode Island, opposing the 38 Studios deal when no one else would. 


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