The Record of a Civil Libertarian.

As the First Independently Elected Governor in RI History Lincoln Chafee:

•    Championed the Passage of Marriage Equality 
•    Defied the Federal Government on Capital Punishment
•    Consistently Supported A Woman’s Right to Choose 


As United States Senator Lincoln Chafee: 

•    Voted NO on The Disastrous Iraq War 
•    Defended an Individual's Right to Privacy 
•    Stood Up Against Dishonesty in Government 


As President, Lincoln Chafee Will:

•    End the Failed War On Drugs
•    Phase Out the NSA 
•    Defend our Individual Rights 



As Rhode Island’s first elected Independent Governor, he pushed through Marriage Equality despite fierce opposition from powerful lobbies. 

He stood up to the federal government, and refused to turn over a prisoner, knowing that doing so would expose that prisoner to the unjust death penalty. 

In the Senate, he stood up for the right to privacy, voting against Judges who refused to assert our rights, and for a woman’s right to choose.


He consistently voted to protect our First Amendment rights, including casting the deciding vote against the flag burning amendment.  

He’s stood up to the lies of government and the abuses of our Constitutional freedoms, calling Edward Snowden a hero.


Whether it’s standing up against unjust wars, or against unjust government, Lincoln Chafee has the record of a Libertarian. 

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