Expanding Immigration

"We believe in personal freedom. We do not want the government controlling our personal lives, or our most personal decisions."

The Libertarian Party is the party of choice.


My position on immigration is simple. Economic freedom demands that good people be able to cross borders, allowing them to build better lives for themselves in Ameria. Being in favor of immigration isn't just the most humane policy, it's a policy that directly benefits our country. Immigration grows the economy, bringing prosperity to all.


Both Republicans and Democrats have repeatedly failed to pass immigration reform. Moreover, their policies of foreign military interventions and immigration restrictions have helped to fuel the crisis that has reached our Southern border. Families have been torn apart, young children have been restricted to cages, and immigrants have been held in custody without access to medical care.


I believe we should make it easier for good people to come into this country to work while providing a pathway to citizenship for those already here. Those who'd rather militarize the border, build fences, and impose coercive measures on good people, are more concerned with populist rhetoric, than creating practical solutions. Instead of demonizing immigrants, we should aim to create a more efficient system of providing work visas, and conducting background checks, while incentivizing non-citizens to pay their taxes.


As President, I will pursue legislation that streamlines the immigration process, making it easier for immigrants to attain a work visa and reside in the United States.

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