The Issues of Our Time Are Clear: 


We must stop the escalation of endless war, rein in our skyrocketing deficits, protect our personal liberties in the face of government encroachment, and end the lies of government.


It all starts by telling the TRUTH.

End the Senseless Wars.


"As President, I will not have the military-industrial complex dictate our foreign policy. I will work every day to end these foreign quagmires and bring our troops home."

At the dawn of the 21st century twenty years ago, the United States was a respected and admired world leader. We were, in the words of a European Prime Minister, “handing a lasting peace to our children”. And as peace and prosperity go hand in hand, our government for the first time in decades had surpluses. 

Now, through a never-ending series of poor decisions by Republicans and Democrats, we have a trillion-dollar deficit for this year and counterproductive senseless wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. It’s hard to believe that the chaos and heartbreak that has spread through the Syrian and Iraqi region all started with a lie from our Government-that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Only 23 of us 100 Senators recognized this lie and voted NO. I was the only one who went against the party line.

We need to ratchet down the tension across the world, not only in the Middle East, but also in North Africa, Ukraine, Venezuela and North Korea through strong American diplomacy, not belligerence.

We need to declare void the Authorization For Use of Military Force. Let the Congress have a robust debate about our long-term global interests, as the Constitution mandates.

We must end these senseless and counterproductive wars. The cost is too great, in dollars, in credibility, in the damage to our veterans, and, most importantly, in human lives. 

End the Reckless Spending.


The enormous deficit is one of the greatest threats to this generation’s and future generation’s economic vitality. The truth is, our spending is out of control.


Sooner or later, the bill for the outrageous expenditures and waste of our bloated Federal budget will come due.

Our federal deficit sits at nearly $23 trillion -with no end in sight. We spend over $400 Billion a year in interest alone! The Democrats AND the Republicans are to blame. We need a new way forward.


As President, I will tackle the deficit head on, by eliminating expenditures that go beyond the federal government’s enumerated powers under the Constitution, and ending the wasteful and counterproductive wars overseas.

End The Failed War On Drugs.


The War on Drugs is an absolute failure.

It should be ended immediately.

Internationally our policies of eradication, substitution, and interdiction are an abject failure, and have caused vastly more harm than good. At home our prisons are full of non-violent drug offenders, many of them veterans simply trying to medicate to recover from the horrors of war.

The enforcement of laws prohibiting drugs are disproportionately enforced, too often targeting minority individuals and communities experiencing economic hardship.

I’ve come to understand that government force must be limited to the protection of the rights of individuals to life, liberty, and property, and governments must never be permitted to violate these rights.

Laws should be limited in their application to violations of the rights of others through force or fraud, or to deliberate actions that place others involuntarily at significant risk of harm.

I favor the repeal of all laws creating “crimes” without victims, such as gambling, the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes, and consensual transactions involving sexual services.

History has shown that prohibition only serves to embolden the criminal element.

What we need is an active, open minded discussion in this country that results in real criminal justice reform, and that includes decriminalization. 

Protect Our Personal Freedoms. 


"As a Libertarian, I believe that you should be able to live your life as you see fit…as long as you are not hurting anyone else. Nothing is more important than that."

Our government must respect our rights.

The truth is that under both Republican and Democratic administrations, under the guise of increased security, our government tortured prisoners, engaged in extraordinary rendition -which is nothing short of kidnapping- killed Americans by drone strike without due process, and expanded illegal surveillance by the National Security Agency.

The abuses of the National Security Agency have become egregious to the point that this agency should be phased out of existence. Edward Snowden told the truth and he should be allowed to come home.

Many Americans have lost their trust in our government. It was for times like these that the framers of our Constitution wrote our Bill of Rights- the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment and yes, the Second Amendment. All were written for the possibility of a government that could not be trusted.

We must protect our Constitutional Rights and Personal Freedoms in the face of government encroachment. 

Free Trade & Free Markets


Free Trade

I support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade.

As Senator, I was identified as a "free trader" by the Cato Institute's Center for Trade Policy Studies, based on my pro-free trade, pro-market, and anti-subsidies voting record.

As President, I will continue work to strengthen our position in the world through free trade and diplomacy. 



I favor a free market health care system. I recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the level of health insurance they want (if any), the level of health care they want, the care providers they want, the medicines and treatments they will use and all other aspects of their medical care, including end-of-life decisions.


I believe that People should be free to purchase health insurance across state lines.


Monetary & Tax Policy


I support an audit of the Federal Reserve, and a halt to inflationary monetary policies. Individuals engaged in voluntary exchange should be free to use as money any mutually agreeable commodity or item.

Taxation should be kept to a minimum, and never exceed what is needed for the limited and enumerated federal powers under the Constitution. It is especially immoral when used to fund illegal and unjust wars.

Our current federal tax code is the result of the manipulations of those with outsized power and influence in Washington, who have written in loophole after loophole, ensuring that the burdens of taxation fall upon those who can least afford it. In order to solve this problem, we must first address our out-of-control federal spending.

The Second Amendment


Over the last several years we have come to understand that our government has not been truthful with its citizens on some history changing issues; the Iraq weapons of mass destruction lie, the lies exposed by Edward Snowden, the Afghanistan Papers lies among many, many others.


I believe the authors of our Constitution were prepared to protect the citizens from an untrustworthy government, and wrote the Bill of Rights accordingly.

The Second Amendment was written to ensure that the people would always have more power than the government. I will not do anything that gives our already too powerful government more power over its people or weakens the people in their ability to defend themselves against tyrants or other threats.

The only legitimate use of force is in defense of individual rights — life, liberty, and justly acquired property — against aggression. This right inheres in the individual, who may agree to be aided by any other individual or group.

I affirm the individual right recognized by the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms, and I oppose the prosecution of individuals for exercising their rights of self-defense. Private property owners should be free to establish their own conditions regarding the presence of personal defense weapons on their own property.

The Second Amendment should be adhered to the fullest extent.

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