End the Senseless Wars.

"As President, I will not have the military-industrial complex dictate our foreign policy. I will work every day to end these foreign quagmires and bring our troops home."

At the dawn of the 21st century twenty years ago, the United States was a respected and admired world leader. We were, in the words of a European Prime Minister, “handing a lasting peace to our children”. And as peace and prosperity go hand in hand, our government for the first time in decades had surpluses. 

Now, through a never-ending series of poor decisions by Republicans and Democrats, we have a trillion-dollar deficit for this year and counterproductive senseless wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan. It’s hard to believe that the chaos and heartbreak that has spread through the Syrian and Iraqi region all started with a lie from our Government-that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Only 23 of us 100 Senators recognized this lie and voted NO. I was the only one who went against the party line.

We need to ratchet down the tension across the world, not only in the Middle East, but also in North Africa, Ukraine, Venezuela and North Korea through strong American diplomacy, not belligerence.

We need to declare void the Authorization For Use of Military Force. Let the Congress have a robust debate about our long-term global interests, as the Constitution mandates.

We must end these senseless and counterproductive wars. The cost is too great, in dollars, in credibility, in the damage to our veterans, and, most importantly, in human lives. 

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