Leading With TRUTH.

Our country needs a truth teller as President.


I am running for President because I want my children to live in a nation and a world set free; free from endless war, free from unmanageable debt, free from government encroachment on our personal freedoms, and free from the lies of government.

We’ve seen members of the two old parties campaign on fiscal responsibility, ending the senseless overseas wars and protecting our civil liberties among other promises, and yet, the opposite has happened: our deficit has soared to $23 trillion, the wars have expanded across North Africa and the Middle East, and our sacred constitutional freedoms have been ignored.

It’s time for someone to stand up to the lies of government. In my 30 years of public service I have always led with truth, and as President I will continue to do so.

The issues of our time are clear: we must stop the escalation of endless war, rein in our skyrocketing deficits, protect our personal liberties in the face of government encroachment, and end the lies of government.


It all starts by telling the TRUTH. 

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