Our Government Lies To Us. It's Time We Had A President Who Tells The Truth.

Mayor. Governor. Senator. Libertarian.

Lincoln Chafee Leads With Truth.

As Mayor, he united a city and won reelection three times by winning every ward in every district...despite being a member of the "wrong" party.

In the Senate, he stood up to the warmongers in Washington and in his own party, to vote against the disastrous Iraq War.

As the first Independent Governor elected in Rhode Island's history, he worked to balance the state budget, led the fight for Marriage Equality, and successfully lowered the state's unemployment rate during the worst recession of our time.  

He's seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of American partisan politics. Democrats who proclaim to believe in Civil Liberties but vote for warrantless surveillance. Republicans who proclaim to be fiscally responsible, but drive us into deeper and deeper debt.


All the while, both parties continue to send our brave soldiers into senseless and counterproductive wars based on lies. 

Now, he's come home to the Libertarian Party to advocate for our Constitutional Rights, ending the wars, and reigning in our out of control spending. Lincoln is ready to stand up  and Lead With TRUTH.

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