My Commitment To The Libertarian Party:

  • I will Only Endorse Candidates Who Are Members of the Libertarian Party.

  • My Campaign and I Will Work with the National Libertarian Party to      Increase Membership and Donations.  


  • My Campaign and I Will Work to Coordinate Campaign Activities, Events, and Travel with Local Libertarian Candidates. 


  • My Campaign Will Provide the National Libertarian Party, State Parties, and Local Affiliates with ALL Volunteer and Supporter Data (with the exception of individuals who have opted out of such sharing). 


  • As a Libertarian, I Will Walk Alongside Libertarian Candidates Anytime, and At Any Level, to Support the Goal of A World Set Free In Our Lifetime.

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I am no stranger to local politics. I served 11 years as a Councilman and Mayor.

I have been to so many of those late night town hall meetings,

I’ve walked those neighborhoods street by street and precinct by precinct,

I know what it’s like to try and balance a municipal budget,

I know what it’s like to greet people at a bus stop at 6am in the morning after they’ve just finished the third shift…


I’m not just running for President of the United States to stop unnecessary war, reckless spending, and government lies;


I’m running to help the Libertarian Party and candidates at ALL levels achieve electoral success outside of the two old parties.

 I’ve done it myself; I know how hard it can be, but I want to do it again: with you, your state party, and Libertarians around the country!

We’re on a Mission for Liberty and Truth: at the Local, State, and National Level.


Will you join us?

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